“I remain in awe and admiration of my late friend Quentin Crisp, who went so far as to practically risk his life to be who he fully was; it fascinates me to see the extent to which people will go and the trials and tribulations they will put themselves through in order to find and hold onto their authenticity, to become their authentic selves."

Alison Davis was born in New York City and grew up in Greenwich Village. She graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University, Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, and has a Master's degree in Psychology. An avid photographer, guitarist, pianist, and relationship strategist, she currently lives in California and is working on her semi-autobiography titled "The Naked Ballerina: Diary of a Professional Tease."

      Alison Davis in Her Own Words - Alison Davis

Click to hear Alison discussing the purpose of The What Now??? Podcast: Alison dishes with artist Yvonne Kerno on the perks of being a renowned art historian’s daughter, the problem with political correctness, the attainability of happiness, her attraction to the dark side, and her long-standing crush on a well-known critic.

Photographs of Alison Davis courtesy of Bridie Macdonald Photography